Lesson learned about the internet on the Gili islands

///Lesson learned about the internet on the Gili islands

Lesson learned about the internet on the Gili islands

Now that we have been on the islands for about two weeks and had some days with very good WiFi internet access from the places we stayed at, we also had several days and many hours without a stable internet connection. If you treat yourself with a few days off work during your travel adventures, this certainly will be one of the greatest experiences and best chances to “go back to the roots” and enjoyed the offline life even more.

One thing that it had taught me definitely is to become more patient – and it does feel good to once know to actually be more patient, but also to have a much calmer mind through such prehistoric times before the WiFi-and-Internet-everywhere era.

But, what if those times now cost you too much of having no connection, what other options are there?

Well, it may be that it’s not the general connection on the island, but it may be due to your hotel’s connection. Grab your electronic devices, get your bum up, go walk up and down the neighbourhood and check out their signal, sit down, order a drink and quickly get the stuff done that really needs to get done.

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Another option that worked fine previous to our trip in Indonesia: get a local SIM-card with internet package (often more expensive when doing calls, since those are often offered specifically for internet connection – we used GLOBE in the Philippines which cost 1000PHP for a full month of unlimited internet connection), put it in your phone and enable your WiFi-router function in the phone in order to connect with your notebook, tablet or several other devices if need be.

And one more possibility: We came across mobile WiFi routers called “Pocket WiFi”, which works on the same principle: you buy a SIM card and can connect with several devices as well. Difference: those devices are specifically made for that purpose and will, therefore, serve you a faster internet connection compared to your phone’s hotspot capability, especially if connecting with few devices.

Since we gave it a try to rely on the hotels’ connections and did not purchase an Indonesian SIM card, we learned our lesson when staying on the Gili islands: Get a local SIM card! The internet connectivity, especially if you are not staying in the more expensive, fancy hotels.

Yet again, those are a few options that come to my mind. On the other hand, there’s no guarantee that those will work. Why? Depending on how remote your place is, it may be that due to its location and weather circumstances, the GSM signal may be out of reach as well. But usually, the SIM card gave us quite often a substitute connection to the digital world.

So if that still happens, what “is there to do”, besides staying calm and enjoying paradise?


Believe me, tons of things! But to name only a few:

Get back into the book(s) that you are reading (whether it be fiction or non-fiction), dream about the past days and experiences, review your actions whether they take you into the right direction, analyze the 80/20 of your business, current life and relationships, lay out a plan what to really focus on and what not to waste your time on once the signal is back, go for a round of snorkeling, fully focus on the taste and excitement of the meal that is right in front of you. Look at pictures from months or years ago and recover what you actually have already discovered. (Just this morning Yuliya surprised me with a few nice pictures of our trip to China’s XinJiang province some years ago). Or gather some thoughts and write a blog post 🙂


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