It’s been a while – and 13.000km have been covered already!

///It’s been a while – and 13.000km have been covered already!

It’s been a while – and 13.000km have been covered already!

Actually, it’s been way more kilometers by now since the last post we’ve published on our little blog. It’s definitely about time that we revive it again – but this time in a bit of a different way. But firstly, let me get around it a bit to show what has happened with us.

The last post we published was from “back in the days” when we’ve been to Indonesia and shared about what and what not to expect on internet connection, speed and stability on the Gili islands. Well, to be honest, since then we’ve also been to Bali, went to one of the biggest trade show fairs in China, spent the fall and Christmas / New Year’s time with our families in Russia and Germany, flew to Thailand and Malaysia before being back to Singapore in February this year. So why haven’t we been blogging more since? To be completely honest – even though it may not seem easy to understand in the beginning: We’ve been completely busy! (And yes, definitely needed some time off from the online blogging, vlogging, writing, sharing, posting, commenting. And, to slow down and select which channels to share on. MakakaOnTheRun is on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, the blog, in it’s own little store and works hard to get in touch with media to raise money for children in need all over the world.)

So, being busy for a really long time doing what?

“You guys are traveling all the time and spend time at the beaches. How can you be busy!?”

Easy. Very easy. We do work full-time.

One of us is full-time employed working remotely and the other one is establishing his own little online business. We’ve been working full-time from the very first day of traveling until today (and hopefully much longer 😉 ). So, we are still part of the 9-to-5 wheel or even the 8-to-6, or some days the 7-to-7. Luckily sometimes (even for longer time spans) part of the don’t-work-at-all wheel! And guess what, those are the most fun days 😉

All we do is: We live life in a different way. Work full-time in lovely and unfamiliar surroundings and travel whenever time allows. Being digital nomads allows us to travel the world and still be busy as much as we want (or need) to. Don’t get me wrong: I am not complaining at all. It’s a lifestyle of choice.

During our travels in Southeast Asia we also prepared for where we are now: On a “Charity motorcycle travel” from Singapore all the way  to Germany. Covering 20.000+ km on two wheels is an absolutely amazing experience, but definitely required preparations alongside the travel, work and time off.


So, getting back to Singapore in February actually meant preparing our bike, preparing ourselves, working with our Charity organization of choice (Save The Children) and starting PR work on top of daily life. All this work allowed us then to already have gone through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China and are now literally sitting in the middle of nowhere Mongolia! Yet again, work is most important and is always being served first whenever we are off the bike. If there’s time left, then we’d be most active on Facebook, Yuliya working on all the YouTube videos & Instagram posts, while Sebastian mainly works on his business serving customers hopefully as good and as fast as possible, learning from experiences, improving products and extending the portfolio. And after that? We relax in the evening or simply go to sleep like normal human beings.

The last one year has been an extremely busy, but also very, very exciting time of our life. We’ve seen so much, learned so much about business, life and last but not least: foreign cultures. Though it’s not always been easy, we loved every single day of it.

Part of the preparation: Being interviewed by Malaysia’s oldest newspaper in print. New Straits Times

What we’ve learned is, that as a team of two you really, really need to prioritize more than you’d like to on your first day. Unfortunately not all the channels could be served as much as we wanted them to be served and it resulted in our blog being left behind. But what we can do is to still share our experiences that we’ve shown elsewhere and include them here into our blog and let you be part of the exciting journey.

Fully honest, I am certain that for at least the next months we won’t write long articles, but would like to share new videos with you as we are publishing them and include them into our blog. So, in order to catch up on the videos, let us get started right away: Some information for you how to get from Bangkok to Koh Samui for cheap!

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