Clothing Craze | Female Edition

///Clothing Craze | Female Edition

Clothing Craze | Female Edition

I have moved a lot of times, countries, cities, apartments. But never in my life had I imagined that I would need to “dispose” of most of my clothing. Dispose of why and how you ask?

Well, we decided we will travel SEA (South East Asia) and maybe further for hmmm, well god knows how long, there wasn’t really a definite plan in the works. At that time we lived in Singapore, had jobs and apartment there…….ALL BE GONE! ☺

So in any case, things were sold, given to friends, donated to Salvation Army and thrown away. Whatever we wanted to keep was stuffed into 7 little boxes and shipped off to Germany.


So in this post, I decided to make a female “clothing edition”. Show you what I originally decided to take, what I ended up taking and how I got rid of 2/3 of the things I have been lugging around the Philippines and Indonesia just in 15 minutes!

So here is a little corner that I miss sooooo in our apartment in Singapore and my piles of “precious”. In reality, I ended up taking a lot more!


You can count me as a very stupid person simply because after just 1 month of travel I understood what am I wearing and what should be leaving my heavy backpack. But I did nothing! Why? Cause I thought: “Well if we go out to a nice place this dress would be great for the occasion!” Never happened lol!

So drumroll please before I execute my presidential orders of “space reclamation within my 50l backpack”!

So that is what I have before the cleaning


I have, well actually we both have a 3 pcs set that we bought in Decathlon China in 2013. It consists of and underwear/socks baggie, sweaters/pants baggie and a t-shirt one. Though of course, I pack it like a hurricane. ☹

I have checked on the Chinese page of Decathlon the price and here is a screenshot for you.


My clothing bags are very photogenic, so they asked me to take a couple of more picture of them when they are fully loaded and ready to travel.


Let’s check out what those babies are hiding (well were real) inside


Smallest baggie contained:
– 3 swimsuits (1 of them I was wearing when taking pictures)
– 6 pairs of socks
– 7 pairs of underwear
– 3 bras
– 2-night gowns (sorry forgot to place them for the picture)

Now for the big bags!


Yeap it looks like a lot and it is!


Big bags contained together:
– 2 hats
– 2 sarongs (exactly the same cause I love them)
– 6 dresses
– 2 pairs of shorts
– 2 pairs of pants
– 2 skirts
– 2 beach dresses
– 7 t-shirts
– 2 running pants
– 1 running top
– 2 shirts
– 2 hoodies
– 1 long-sleeved top
– 1 snorkelling long-sleeved shirt

Of course, I need shoes as well. I think one very smart thing that I did is not taking any high heels at all! I had more flip-flops but got rid of them.

Current state of “shoes” affairs


– 1 pair of flip flops
– 1 pair of running shoes
– 1 pair of “I do the rest of the things in you” shoes

After the 15-minute spring cleaning, yes 15 minutes trust me (there will also be a video on our youtube channel), this is what I have left.

Small bag:

– 1 swimsuit
– 4 pairs of socks
– 5 pairs of underwear
– 2 bras
– 2-night gowns (sorry forgot to place them for the picture)

Humongous changes of changes of course mainly happened in the 2 large bags that in reality turned into ONLY 1 woooohooooo!

So this is what I have at the end, instead of 2 big + 1 small bags I downsized to 1 big + 1 small ☺

11 12 13

So, what do I have left? Tons of useful things that I am 100% certain I will wear and I love!

Big bag refreshed:
– 2 hats
– 2 sarongs (exactly the same cause I love them)
– 2 dresses
– 1 pairs of shorts
– 1 pairs of pants
– 2 skirts
– 1 beach dress
– 4 t-shirts
– 1 pair of running pants
– 1 running top
– 1 shirt
– 2 hoodies (we are going to cold countries soon, so I for sure need them)
– 1 long-sleeved top
– 1 snorkelling long-sleeved shirt

In reality, the space decreased dramatically, I have already finished packing my backpack and it is half empty. Mind you it includes all the items I mentioned above, plus 1 hygiene bag (reduced from 2 ehehe) and it is a lot less heavy now!


So downsize ladies even on long-term travel it is possible!

Be smart; don’t make your body go through hell!

P.S.: Hygiene bag + electronics +books +missalenios post is coming shortly.

P.P.S.: Clothing Craze|Male edition is also coming eheheh 😉

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